Salos means swell, the silent wave that isn’t justified by the prevailing weather conditions but instead owes its existence to winds having occurred earlier or elsewhere. Everything we experience has its causes in the past, and our actions in the present will affect the future.

The work gets inspired by the swells of History and focuses on the historical case of the European Union. The EU is going through the longest period of peace throughout its entire existence. Despite the strong challenges it is facing, it seems that it has not yet known the breakout of a sweeping swell.

Concept - Creation: Sofia Mavragani

Original Music - Sound Design: Anthony Palaskas

Dramaturgy: Miranda Manasiadis

Costumes - Set Design: Paul Thanopoulos

Light Design: Vassilis Klotsotiras

Performance & co-creation: Nontas Damopoulos / Xara Kotsali / Sania Strimbakou

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